Ian Renyard

Software Engineer & Front End Developer based in Edinburgh, Scotland

  • Javascript
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • API Design
  • Performance

I'm a Software Engineer and Web Developer with over a decade of professional experience. Having worked with some of the leading media companies in the UK, I have a wealth of experience in architecting performant web apps, libraries and frameworks across desktop, mobile and TV platforms.

I specialise in Javascript development, both in the browser and under Node.JS and have experience building user facing apps, as well as designing frameworks and libraries for developers to support products with millions of daily users. In addition to front end technologies, I have experience in server side languages including Python and PHP as well as the Linux command line and shell scripting.


  • Javascript
  • CSS/Sass
  • HTML5
  • Python
  • Shell Scripting
  • PHP
  • Git
  • Linux Command Line
  • Documentation
  • Agile Methodology
  • Unit Testing
  • Continuous Integration



Senior Technologist

Worked as part of a team providing developer relations to third party content partners and supporting internal platform development. Researched and provided best practice recommendations to internal and external teams and engaged with internal teams to improve the app development workflow.

Lead investigations into performance improvements of several HTML5 apps on the platform and in development. This resulted in a 17% improvement in loading time for one app as well as improved responsiveness in the user interface. In another example, I worked to diagnose several app and platform issues causing the app to crash or preventing video playback. Prototypes were fed back to the development team to fix these issues which dramatically improved memory usage, without which the app could not have launched.


Software Development Engineer

Development of streaming video products, including LOVEFiLM and the launch of Amazon Instant Video in the UK and Germany. Projects included: ‘signup’ and ‘my account’ pages, integrating LOVEFiLM with Amazon services, using Perl and Mason as well as HTML, CSS and Javascript. Whilst working on the first project integrating LOVEFiLM with the Amazon codebase, I regularly collaborated with remote teams in Seattle and worked with other London based teams to share my knowledge of these areas.


Web Developer

Worked on a variety of web applications and components including programme support, production tools and frameworks using XHTML, CSS, Javascript, Apache, PHP and Zend Framework.

Projects included: Glow - the BBC's Javascript library (used up until 2010) and Barlesque - the BBC's page framework which included common page components, Javascript, additional language support and advertising for BBC Worldwide sites.